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In 2009, I graduated to PhD with Professor Peter Vogl at the Technische Universität München (Garching, Germany) in theoretical semiconductor physics. Since 2010, I work in the Network of Computational Nanotechnology of Purdue University. This very interdisciplinary work triggered intense collaborations with electrical, material and mechanical engineers. My work embraces developing and implementing new algorithms in the framework of general quantum transport within the nonequilibrium Green’s function method. This work enters the multipurpose, multiscale nanodevice simulation tool NEMO5 which I am core developer of. Since 2011, I am mentoring typically about 10 PhD students in the modeling of charge, spin and heat quantum transport, transfer of density functional electron and phonon representations into mesoscale quantum transport models, and in the design optimizations of terahertz quantum cascade lasers and nitride based light emitting diodes. My work is applied to traditional 3D semiconductors, metals, topological insulators and 2D materials, such as graphene, phosphorene and transition metal dichalcogenides.  My work involves close interactions with industrial collaborators such as Intel, Samsung, Lumileds, and TSMC with more than 100 phone meetings per year.



Nonequilibrium Green's function method

Widening the application space of the most general quantum transport method

Realistic charge, heat and spin transport in nanodevices

Treating coherent and incoherent physics on equal footing

High performance computing

Implementing computational models on large scale supercomputers and heterogeneous architectures

Expanding concepts of quantum models 

Including but not limited to swarm robots, neuronal networks, nanobiology and nanochemistry

2003 - 2009

Technische Universität München, Germany

Ph.D. in Theoretical Semiconductor Physics 

Focus: Nonequilibrium Green’s function method, incoherent scattering, electron and spin transport

Thesis Title: Quantum transport in semiconductor nanostructures

1998 - 2003

Technische Universität München, Germany

Diploma in General Physics

Focus: Analytical derivation of quantum corrections to the spin Boltzmann equation

Dissertation title: Spintransport im Halbleiter
(Spintransport in Semiconductors)

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